Visit River Valley Ranch at Your Farmer's Market for Fresh Mushrooms & Produce, Artisanal Foods, and Prepared Farm-to-table Meals

Outdoor farmer's market season is officially here.

With our first harvest in from our chemical-free farm in Wisconsin, we are excited to welcome a new year at your local farmer's market. If you're like us, you look forward to exploring the market to find fresh produce, handcrafted foods, and delicious meals from local farmers and food artisans you trust. We'll be at markets in SE Wisconsin and the Chicagoland area, with fresh mushrooms & veggies from our Farm, artisanal food from our kitchens, and prepared farm-to-table meals.

What to Expect at RVR Markets in 2016

Fresh Produce from RVR Farm

At the Ranch in Burlington, Wisconsin we have a year-round mushroom farm and a ten-acre garden. Everything we grow is 100% chemical-free, from our fresh mushrooms to our vegetables & herbs.

Mushrooms - We've been growing fresh mushrooms at our Farm in Burlington, Wisconsin for over 40 years and every year we offer over five varieties of chemical-free shrooms including crimimi, shiitake, white button, portabella, oyster, and lion's mane. Certified Organic varieties available.

Garlic - Garlic loves the rich mushroom compost that we till into our soil and we've been hearing from people for years that our garlic is "just delicious." We use a ton of fresh garlic in the Kitchen. You can find Spring Garlic early in the season at select markets and Garlic Bulbs later on.

Asparagus - We grow chemical-free asparagus at our Farm and it has become a local favorite. Our asparagus is known to be especially tender, meaning it cooks fast and is oh-so-tasty as a main veggie course or a side for your farm-to-table breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Try it with our local eggs!

Shallots - Just like garlic, our shallots are very happy about the mushroom compost we till into our soil. Shallots are delicious oniony marvels, and we love cooking with them in soups and incorporating them into hearty farm-to-table meals. Also great additions when pickling!

Handcrafted Artisanal Food Products

In our Kitchens in Burlington, Wisconsin we handcraft a variety of artisanal foods. Everything we produce is 100% preservative-free, and we use a ton of fresh produce from our farm in making your food.

RVR Garlic Cheese Spread - We dare you to not get hooked on this spread! Made with over eleven Wisconsin cheeses and fresh garlic from our Farm, this spread makes the best "instant" cheesy garlic bread ever. Pair it with pasta for a special mac-and-cheese experience, enjoy with a mushroom burger, or try it on your whole or mashed potatoes. We love it on pretty much everything.

RVR Granola - River Valley Ranch granolas are handcrafted in our Wisconsin kitchens using fresh ingredients from Midwest farmers. Choose from over 7 tasty flavors, all 100% preservative-free. Enjoy with your morning parfait or for a light snack throughout the day. 

RVR Fire Roasted Bloody Mary Mix - This isn't your typical store-bought bloody mix. Every bottle boasts 5 lbs. of fresh heirloom tomatoes, listed as our first ingredient. Most store-bought mixes have "water" for theirs. Zesty and delicious with a mild amount of heat. Just mix with your favorite vodka to enjoy. Or, mix with beer for a twist on a classic Michelada!

RVR Pasta Sauces - Made with fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, shallots, and garlic from our farm, our delicious pasta sauces are the perfect compliment for your farm-to-table pasta meals. We offer a variety of pasta sauces, from Portabella to Garlic Lovers to Wild Mushroom Burgundy.

RVR Salsa - You may have tried our delicious Portabella Salsa made with fresh mushrooms from our Farm. We serve it up every year at select market locations with our non-GMO, vegan mushroom tamales. Be sure to try our Heirloom Tomato salsa, a collaboration with a world-renowned chef.

RVR Hot Sauces -  Not all hot sauces are created equal. We use fresh ingredients in our 5 flavorful and preservative-free varieties of hot sauces. Take a look inside a bottle of RVR Cherry Bomb Hot Sauce to see what we mean; cherry bomb peppers, roasted tomatoes, red wine vinegar, onion, cayenne peppers, tomato paste, roasted garlic, celery, honey, olive oil and salt. 

RVR Pickled Mushrooms - This is where it all started. The natural evolution of the mushroom farm. Go traditional or spice it up with our Garlic Pickled Mushrooms & other spiced Varieties. They go great with a Bloody Mary (try RVR Fire Roasted Blood Mary Mix) or snack em like we love to!

RVR Pepper Jelly - Turn up the heat! Our Cherry Bomb Pepper Jelly & Jalapeño Pepper Jelly bring the sweet heat to a fresh bagel or hearty bread. Enjoy with local Wisconsin cream cheese!

RVR Fruit Teas - Choose from three varieties of refreshing iced teas including Raspberry Lime Black Tea, Apple Basil Tea, and Strawberry Mint Tea. We hot-brew loose leaf teas and blend with fresh fruit juice to make grab-and-go beverages

+ Frozen Foods: RVR Non-GMO Vegan Tamales, RVR Ravioli, RVR Veggie Burgers

Farm-to-Table Prepared Meals

At select market locations, you can enjoy non-GMO vegan mushroom tamales with Portabella Salsa, our signature vegan mushroom chili, and special dishes featuring seasonal produce from our farm. 

RVR Farmer's Market Locations and Schedule 2016







Local Farmers & Food Artisans that We Recommend

Over the past 40 years, we've developed lasting relationships with local farmers and food artisans, many of whom we source fresh ingredients from to use in our Wisconsin kitchen and at our farm-to-table restaurant in Chicago. Visit our friends this year at the markets, and tell them we say hello!

Market Vendors to Check Out This Year

  • Nichols Farm
  • Geneva Lake Produce
  • Lehman Orchards
  • Mick Klug
  • Tomato Mountain
  • Brunkow