Uses for our Products

Here are some quick and easy ideas for uses of our jarred products!


Todd's Southwest Crockpot Chicken


 1 - 16oz jar of our Portabella Salsa with Key Lime juice

4 boneless chicken breast

Corn and pre-cooked black beans


  • Add chicken breasts and a jar of Port Salsa to crockpot
  • Add corn or black beans as desired
  • Set it and forget it for 3-4 hours
  • Serve over your favorite rice or grains!


·         Add to chili for an extra twist

·         Mix 10oz jar with 3 avocados for a simple and unique guacamole

·         Spread cream cheese on a plate and top with salsa

·         Mix with rice for a delicious side or in a burrito

·         Stir into ground beef, turkey, tofu for a delicious taco filler

·         Fruit salsas are great with fish! Pour over fish and bake until done

·         Heirloom salsa is great over pasta or on pizza to add some spice





3 ripe avocados

1-10 ounce jar River Valley Kitchens Portabella Salsa with Key Lime

juice of 1 lime


Scoop avocado into a bowl, add salsa and lime juice. Mash or stir together and serve.

Recipe is compliments of one of our customers (I neglected to get his name) Thank You