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Mushroom Grow Kit Instructions

What's Inside Your Grow Kit?

Your ready to grow kit should contain a large bag, a small bag (peat moss), and instructions.

Step 1.1

Place all the peat moss (casing soil) from the small bag onto the surface of the large bag.

Take a mental note of how moist this is, this is how moist you want to keep the kit during all stages of growth.

Step 1.2

Gently level the peat moss and press gently to ensure there are no air gaps and the soil is level. Do not compress the soil.

Step 1.3

Loosely close the large bag, leaving just a slight opening to vent out some of the moisture. Water droplets condensating on the bag may prohibit the mycelium growth. Keep at 70-76 degrees. Typically you will not need to water the kit at this stage.

Step 2.1

Once the mycelium ( white fuzzy to thread-like growth) covers 30-40% of soil surface, roll or cut bag down to soil level. Move to 62-65 degree area, draft free space.

Watch Your Mushrooms Grow

You will begin to see pinheads, small mushrooms, begin to appear. They will grow fast now, keep an eye on them daily.

Harvesting Your Mushrooms

Mushrooms can be harvested at any stage you like. Simply push down on cap and simultaneously turn and pull up. Remove any remaining stem if it breaks, as this can cause the kit to rot very quickly.

Make Room for Portabellas

To get Portabella sized mushrooms, you will need to thin out the baby bellas. Allow 2-3" area around one mushroom.