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River Valley Ranch Mushroom Compost

At River Valley Ranch, we produce high-quality organic mushroom compost that is known to enrich soil and promote plant growth. Mushroom compost, also known as spent mushroom substrate, is the byproduct of our mushroom growing process. Our compost is comprised of 80% composted stable bedding and 20% Canadian sphagnum peat moss. Its pH level is about 6.3, and it also contains nitrogen (about 2.5%) and calcium. It is pasteurized, weed-free, and high in organic matter.

Benefits of Using Mushroom Compost in Your Garden

Adding mushroom compost to the soil is known to improve soil structure, tilth, water holding capacity, and overall plant health. The compost increases soil's microbial activity for healthier root development. When tilled into heavy clay soil, it can help loosen the soil. When tilled in sandy soil, it can aid in moisture retention. Applying it as a mulch (2-3 inches thick) keeps new plantings cool, conserves water, and improves soil biology, as well as limiting weed growth.

How to Purchase Compost from River Valley Ranch

Our mushroom compost is available in bulk and bags at our Farm Store in Wisconsin. Please call ahead after 8am the same-day you'll pickup to confirm availability: 262-235-2555

Bulk Compost
We offer bulk compost at $50/yard. Load day is Saturdays, 9am-2pm, now through May 31st. 9am-Noon, June through freeze. PLEASE CALL AHEAD (after 8am, same day you plan to pick up) TO CONFIRM AVAILABILITY: 262-235-2555
Bagged Compost 
We offer bags of compost for $7. Each bag is about 20-30 lbs and covers approximately 10 sq. ft at 2 inches thick. You can also shovel your own any day at the Farm Store, 9am-6pm.PLEASE CALL AHEAD (after 8am, same day you plan to pick up) TO CONFIRM AVAILABILITY: 262-235-2555