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Grilled Chicken Club

Grilled Chicken Club

A Flavor-Packed Summer Delight!

Looking for a tasty and easy-to-make sandwich that’s perfect for summer grilling? Look no further! Our Grilled Chicken Club with RVR Cherry Bomb Pepper Jelly is a mouthwatering combination that’s sure to become a favorite. Created by the talented home-cooking duo at Simmer Time Chi, this recipe elevates the classic chicken club sandwich to a whole new level with a sweet and spicy twist.

Why RVR Cherry Bomb Pepper Jelly?

The real star of this sandwich is our RVR Cherry Bomb Pepper Jelly. Made with a blend of sweet cherries and a hint of spicy peppers, it brings a delightful contrast that complements the smoky bacon and savory chicken. It's the perfect condiment to add a little kick to any dish.

About Simmer Time Chi:

Simmer Time Chi, the creative minds behind this fantastic recipe, are Kaity and Rob, a passionate home-cooking couple from Chicago. They are known for their inventive recipes and their love for exploring the local food scene. This summer, they’re partnering with River Valley Ranch to bring you delicious weekly recipes, so stay tuned for more!

Try It Yourself:

Head over to the River Valley Ranch Farm Store or purchase online to grab a jar of RVR Cherry Bomb Pepper Jelly and all the fresh ingredients you need for this Grilled Chicken Club. Your taste buds will thank you!


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