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Angry Farmers Hot Sauce, 7 oz


Feel the Heat of the Angry Farmer's Salsa Verde

Brace yourself for a flavor explosion with our Angry Farmer's Hot Sauce. This salsa verde is ragin' with roasted tomatillos, roasted jalapeños, caramelized onions, chipotle peppers, roasted garlic, key lime juice, cilantro, salt, cumin, oregano, and black pepper. It's a fiery and flavorful sauce that will add a kick to your dishes and leave you craving for more.

Sauce Highlights:

  • Roasted tomatillos and jalapeños create a bold and smoky flavor.
  • A tantalizing blend of spices adds depth and complexity.
  • Perfect for those who love a spicy and zesty kick in their meals.

Feel the heat and savor the bold, zesty flavors of River Valley Ranch Angry Farmer's Hot Sauce. It's a sauce that brings the fire to your table.


Ignite Your Taste Buds with River Valley Ranch Hot Sauces

Get ready to experience a flavor explosion like no other with River Valley Ranch's handcrafted hot sauces. Whether you're a heat seeker or simply looking to add some zing to your dishes, our hot sauces are the perfect condiment to spice up your culinary adventures. Made with a blend of premium ingredients and carefully selected peppers, each sauce is a unique masterpiece that will elevate your meals to new heights of deliciousness.

Why Choose River Valley Ranch Hot Sauces?

Craftsmanship: Our hot sauces are crafted in small batches, ensuring exceptional quality and flavor.
Variety: Explore our range of hot sauces, each with its unique heat level and flavor profile.
Versatility: Use them as a condiment, marinade, or cooking ingredient to add depth and complexity to your dishes.
Natural Ingredients: We use only the finest ingredients, with no artificial additives or preservatives.

Get ready to awaken your taste buds and elevate your meals with the fiery goodness of River Valley Ranch Hot Sauces.